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Christopher Moeller, Class of 1981, Inducted in 2001

When Christopher Moeller was a student doing homework, his father would sometimes ask if there wasn't something more useful he could be doing with his time other than drawing pictures.  There sure was! 

Chris parlayed those notebooks full of doodles and drawings into a career as an internationally known artist and illustrator.  He has a special interest in the fields of fantasy art, science fiction and comics.

After finishing a master's degree in fine arts from Syracuse University (where he wrote his master's thesis on the state of comic book art), Chris worked in New York City for a textiles design firm. 

But a move to Pittsburgh coincidentally landed Chris and his wife, Dawn, not far from the offices of former comic book publisher Innovation.  There, his career in comics took off.  Chris wrote and painted four issues of Rocketman:  King of the Rocketmen for the publisher, followed by several issues of Interview with the Vampire, a comic version of Ann Rice's novel.

From there, Chris called upon his interest in military history to launch a military science fiction epic with Dark Horse Comics, among other projects.  It's no surprise that his career interests have also spread into posters, magazines, paperback and hardcover books, game illustrations, trading cards, advertising and design work.


"He was, at that early age, a caring, competent and confident young man who loved school and our community environment," said John Loosman, one of Chris' teachers at Wellwood Middle School. 

"It was evident to me that his quick and observant mind would develop into something special in his chosen career.  By following Chris and his career development, I became aware how dedicated a young artist must be to stay with their dream to succeed in a field where immediate recognition is not often the rule."


"The good thing about comic books is that you have a lot of freedom to do things you couldn't do in commercial forms of visual communication," Chris said in a 1991 newspaper interview. 

Reflecting on his days at F-M Chris added, "Having a 9-year old in school now has really made me grateful for all the really special teachers and programs I experienced at F-M back in the 70's and 80's.  They were key experiences in my life, and contributed to my being able to imagine and succeed in an often confusing and unstructured profession."


Chris and his wife Dawn live with their two children in Pittsburgh.  In addition to enjoying military history, he also likes fishing, canoeing and hiking.


And whatever happened to those notebooks Chris used to doodle in while at school?  "I still have them," he laughs.  "Just to remind me of the days I should have been in class listening."

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