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Gregory Tresness, Class of 1983, Inducted in 2009

Family is a word that defines Greg Tresness. Born and raised locally, he attended Enders Road Elementary School, Eagle Hill Middle School, and F-M High School. As a high school student he worked on the factory floor of the electronics company his father formed in 1980. Today, Tresness remains involved in that company, serving as President and General Manager of Arcom and a related manufacturing firm Arcom Digital to produce channel traps, band segmentation filters, cable equalizers, switches, converters, and encoders.

After obtaining a B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Vermont, Tresness returned to live in the Syracuse area and work for Arcom. His interest in business led him to pursue his education on a part time basis.

When he graduated in 1996, at the age of 31 with an M.B.A. from Syracuse University, he took the reins of Arcom. Over the last 12 years, in addition to creating Arcom Digital, he has grown his father’s vision into a recognized worldwide leader in the rapidly expanding cable communication industry. Together they hold numerous patents on specialized equipment for cable signal transmission such as scrambling systems, attenuation and path filters, and extended passband.

Recently, the company has led the industry with the development of Hunter, Xcor, and Quiver
®, related diagnostic tools to determine the source and location of network impairment. With respected technical expertise, Tresness has authored articles and often speaks at technical conferences about cable network diagnostics and testing.

Tresness is not just being honored because of his resume. "Greg’s greatest strength is being a company leader and coach," says one of his management team. From his high school days as captain of the junior varsity and varsity soccer teams, Tresness has always been good at making people part of the team.

By employing many first generation Vietnamese, Bosnians, and Ukrainians and coordinating with the Refugee Assistance Program in Syracuse to provide on-site cultural assimilation and ESL (English as a second language) programs, Tresness fosters the closeness of a family business, even though the company employs over 200.

With the arrival of his own family, he and his wife Barbara moved to a home in Manlius so that their children could attend the same FM schools he had. Soccer continues to provide a format for forming and building teams. For many years, Tresness has coached his older two sons’ FM Recreational, Salt City Soccer league, and travel teams.

Tresness credits his solid upbringing in his own family and the FM community with helping him to meet life’s unexpected challenges. Their third son was born with severe cerebral palsy. While at times difficult, Tresness addresses the situation with tenacity and grace, again finding opportunity to create family.

While serving on the board of Jowonio School, a preschool inclusive of special needs students which his son attended, Tresness brought his business acumen to enhance the funding and functioning of the school.

"To share one’s skills in order to better the community is a gift, and Jowonio staff, families and Board members have benefited from Greg’s willingness to share his knowledge and time," says the school director. Tresness continues to use these skills through his involvement and participation in his son’s various adaptive recreational activities and community organizations.

Family remains a focus for Tresness, still a resident of Manlius, whether it is his personal family, his business family, or his community.

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