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Fire in the F.A.C.S. Room
Emily E.

    I knew that there was going to be trouble when Carlen spilled the oil on the gas stove. She had been trying to pour it in the pan to make the chicken chímíchangas. Everyone in my F.A.C.S class was excited that day because we were making chímíchangas, especially my kitchen group. If we wanted to eat together Mrs. Robinson had told us that we had to work quickly and efficiently. I guess you could say that my group and I worked a little too quickly.
    Tammie didn’t want Mrs. Robinson to see the mess that we had made, so she hurried over to the sink to get some paper towels. She started to wipe off the stove. “I should probably wipe off underneath the burner too. I don’t want it to smell like burning oil the next time someone turns it on,” Tammie whispered.  She used the same paper towel that she had used to wipe off the oil. The brown piece of paper was now drooping in her hand because of the amount of oil that it had adsorbed. Tammie shoved the towel under the burner and quickly tried to wipe up as much of the oil as possible. I walked over to the plate cart and started to get what we needed to set the table. Then I started to smell something smoking. I turned around and  saw Tammie holding the sopping wet paper towel, and it was on fire!
    “THROW IT AWAY!” I heard Carlen scream.
    “PUT IT IN THE POT OF OIL THAT’S ON THE STOVE!” another voice yelled.
    I was the only one in the kitchen who was actually thinking. I turned around and started to sprint to the fire blanket. When I had almost reached it, I heard a scream and an almost soundless splash. I turned around to see that the paper towel was in the boiling water which had the chicken in it.
    When I walked back to the kitchen I saw that Carlen had a towel and then she carefully took it out of the pot of water. It had a dark, jagged line where it had been on fire just moments before. We started to talk and laugh about what we thought we should have done.
    “What is so humorous?” Mrs. Robinson asked.
    “Oh nothing,” I said, “Tammie just set a paper towel on fire and then threw it in a pot of boiling water!”
    Mrs. Robinson looked at us, sighed, and walked away. Everyone in our kitchen group found this extremely hilarious, and once we started laughing, none of us could stop.
    After that day Mrs. Robinson told everyone to be very careful when we poured oil over the gas stove. She still tells our story as an example to everyone else. Remember when there is an emergency, DON’T PANIC!

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