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Mr. Linden’s Library
Chris W.

    Tick tock tick tock tick tock.
    Chris watched the clock fearing time would run out for her in the library while she struggled to finish up the last pages in her book.
    Chris sighed in relief as she closed her book to hand it in to the librarian but noticed it was somebody else checking out books.
    She went to give the book to Mr. Linden (The normal librarian) the book but noticed that somebody else was checking out books and asked in suspicion where the Mr. Linden was.
    His response was “In his Will he gave his library to me and I will be running it now” he this said giggling a little bit, and seemed kind of happy about it. “Oh that’s terrible” Chris said. “Yeah, it is” the librarian said still giggling while talking.
Chris knew there was something wrong with that guy so she quickly checked out the book and left for Kevin’s house.
    Kevin wasn’t that much of a help because he didn’t know why someone would laugh about someone dying either and their best explanation was that the new librarian didn’t like the old librarian. Then why would he receive the library in the will if he wasn’t a good friend. They didn’t know what to think.
    Chris decided to ask more questions the next day after she got some sleep.
    Chris walked threw the doors of the library and the man was still there looking for something in his desk, throwing papers into the air wildly. Chris decided to pretend to look for a book while she watched the man tear threw the desks.
    Then Chris noticed that every book on the first shelf was covered in ink finger prints, and saw a spilled ink bottle on the floor and wondered why he didn’t clean it up if it was his library.
    Just then the librarian noticed her and said “Get out of here, you can’t check out books today! Wait, well I guess you can check out those.” He pointed to the ones that had the ink on them. “Why do they have ink on them?” Chris asked “None of your business, now choose your book and get out of here,” he said in a harsh voice.
    Chris quickly chose her book and got out of there.
    On the way back to her house Kevin stopped her and asked if she learned any thing but she said “I learned that guy needs anger management!” Kevin laughed and went back into his house.
    On her way home Chris thought about what happened then thought maybe he’s looking for something of value. that would explain why he’s always looking in his desks wildly and why there was ink on all the books. He already looked threw them and that’s why he only let me choose from those books. Chris stopped, she quickly ran back to the library as fast as she could.
    When she got there she opened the doors and went straight to the desk where the librarian was staring at her full of rage and about to burst.
    When she got up to the desk she said very politely “where is the sports section!” “I don’t know!” he screamed. “What part of leave me alone do you not under stand!”  “Thank you” Chris turned her back to the man and walked out the door.          
    The librarian face was turning dark red as she walked away.
On the way back home Chris now knew that he was not a real librarian because a real librarian would know where all the books were.
    “Did you go back to bother that guy again” Kevin asked. Chris nodded. “You must really be getting on his bad side” Kevin said. “Hey, I’ve been thinking and if he only let you choose from that set of books I wouldn’t read that book.” “Don’t be silly, what could someone do to a book that makes it hurt the reader?” Chris said as she walked away.
    When Chris got home she got in her bed and decided to read some of her book. She grabbed her book and tried to open it but couldn’t open it. She kept trying but still couldn’t. She tried one more time but then the book slipped and fell to the ground and from the force it opened up. Chris sighed with relief and bent down to pick it up but right when she touched it everything went white and she didn’t know what happened.
     Chris woke up in a cave. When Chris got up she saw a light so she decided to go nearer to it. Chris thought “He told me not to read that book but now it’s to late”. She started hearing footsteps and lots of them. Then suddenly she saw pirates marching around piles and piles of gold. Then she saw one big pirate which must of been the captain carrying one big diamond. It was the biggest one she had ever seen or heard of.
They placed it on a golden stand in the middle of all the gold.  Chris noticed that the ceiling of the dome looked like it was melting back into the ceiling of her room. Soon she was back in her room standing on her bed still holding tightly to the book. Then she saw a map floating down to the floor but caught it before it hit the ground.
It was a map with a big red X in the middle of it but before she could think of what it meant she saw the time. It was 12:31 a.m. She quickly turned off the light and went to sleep.
    In the morning she knew exactly what happened and exactly what to do. She quickly got dressed, grabbed a tape recorder, and ran to the library. As soon as she opened the door the man looked up and said “Leave, you little girl.” Chris said “ Why are all your books covered in ink finger prints and why are you always looking threw your desks is this what your looking for?” Chris held up the map. For a minute the librarian(or fake librarian) just stared at it. Then he said “How did you get that?” “In one of your books” she said. “Well if you found it in one of my books then it must be mine” he said. “Why do you want it so bad’ she said. “I don’t need that filthy piece of paper” he said. “Oh, then you wont mind if I throw it in the fire” Chris burnt off the edge of the parchment when the guy screamed “NO”! “Then you do want it” Chris said. “It was the other librarians and he gave it to me”. Then why were you laughing when you told me he died” “Because” Chris interrupted “I will tell you what you did. You were in the library at night looking for this when the real librarian caught you so you sort of, killed Mr. Linden then you wrote his will for his library so no one would bother you. The police never suspected you because you didn’t know the real librarian and you just killed him because he saw you. Then I noticed you were laughing about him dying and the only explanation for that is that is that you didn’t like him. But then why would he give you the library I wondered. It was because you wrote it and then I noticed the ink finger prints”. “ the finger prints were there because you spilled ink on them but that didn’t stop you from looking so you got ink all over your books when you were searching. Then I came back and asked where the sports section was and you didn’t know so that proved that you were never a librarian. Then this map fell into my hands and I realized that this is what you were looking for all along” Chris said. “That’s very good and it’s all true but the police aren’t going to believe you”, He said. “Yes they are”, Chris said and she pulled out the recorder and pressed stop. “Give that to me or else!  Chris ran as fast as she could across the street to the police station but the man already was in his car and was driving away. She told one of the police to catch that man and all the police were in their car’s  and out of sight in seconds.
    It only took about 7 minutes before he crashed so Chris showed the police the tape and not only did the fake go to jail with 3 broken ribs but Chris got to keep the map!

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