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Me, the Sun, and the World

Laying there,
Surrounded by green sharp toothpicks,
As sharp as a knight’s sword,
I stare around me,
The world is turning f a s t e r and f  a  s  t  e  r,
Going around me,
And I just sit there.
I daze into the blue sea,
I see a giraffe eating the tops of trees,
A horse jumping over fences,
I see a snowman melting away,
What’s left of him is a carrot nose and a black top hat.
A little further away is a ship,
The passengers on deck are drenched with water from the angry waves in the sea.
Next to this small ship is a huge battle ship,
Covered in shimmering gold,
It fights and fights until it can do no more,
And when it looses its battle,
It will go away,
Until the next day it will begin another battle.
T w i r l i n g and w h i r l i n g,
The world spins.

© Eagle Hill Middle School

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