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A Father’s Eyes
Teagan F.

I toss and I turn so restlessly
in pain, doubt, or sickness

I call out a name, a name that I love
and it answers me with soft, carpet

I wait until he carries me,
Dangling and motionless,
down for a cure

Be he has a special cure...

I am dazed in his arms when he
glides down the steps to the front door
of the empty, old house

I hear the squeaking of a doorway,
the chirping of crickets

He sits down on the hard, cool porch while I
huddle close from the
night breeze

Almost begging for his protection,
my body shivers from the nipping night

What could he be doing here?

He points up to the heavens, I look

                            We see bright, radiant, mysterious angels’

                            eyes watching over us, guarded by

                            the soft, brilliant moon

Cooing me gently and silently, I
drift off to a wonderful, good place

A place unimagined before,
where wild horses dance in the sky
and waterfalls drape over the rocks

A dream.

I will never forget these moments.

Teagan F.

But a single grain of sand in an hour glass.
Squeezing through the skinniest passage ways,
but still counts in the end.

If not this grain surpasses the tube,
would the time still meet the full hour?

That’s for you to decide.

Even when it seems the tiniest thing in the universe,
it still stands out,
holds strong
from the billions of Others
And even evil cackles of what seems to be even greater than what it’s

Or do you think different?

shall we close up the thin tube
or grains that do not SEEM to be
So that the final portion is incomplete because of
foolish judgments?

Experiments and you will find tragedy.
Trust and you will sleep peacefully.

© Eagle Hill Middle School

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