AB Club(The Anti-Bullying Club) Join the movement of standing up to bullies. The AB Club is a group that is open to all FM students. Our goal is to create a consciousness and develop an atmosphere of positive behavior. Through discussion, games, team-building activities, role playing, movie watching, guest speakers, and many other activities. The AB Club hopes to encourage students to speak up for themselves and others. "It isn't big to make others feel small" Help be part of the solution to bullying at FM by joining the AB Club.

Alphabet Soup This club will provide a safe community and place to discuss sexuality and gender topics.

Anime The main goal of Anime Club is to share our love of anime and to enlighten our community by learning about Japanese culture. We will watch differenct anime each meeting and hold our annual Halloween cosplay competition, in which we dress up as favorite Anime characters.

Archaeology Club Come dig at a Haudenosaunee village site from 1450. Our club gets involved in local archaeological events to learn about cultures past and present. We'll meet once a month to flintknapp (create stone tools), organize for the summer camp or investigate areas of anthropology. This club is a unique opportunity for high school students to be involved in real archaeology. Meetings are open to anyone interested.

Art Exhibition Club This club is open to all students interested in art, communications, leadership, volunteering, design, or fundraising. Our goal is to direct global-minded students into the preparation, execution, and closure of an actual art exhibition. You will play the role of curator, promoter, seller/fundraiser, and organizer, just to name a few. Maybe the objective of your exhibit is to raise money for a local charity … it’s up to you!

Asian Club Looking for a place to do fun things and make some new friends? Come to the Asian Club! Past activities included calligraphy, movie days, table tennis, and of course eating Asian food. You don’t have to be from Asia to enjoy this club!

Astronomy Volunteer Club The Astronomy Volunteer club is an organization that meets regularly to learn about astronomy through viewing events at the observatory and shows in the planetarium. A main focus of the club is to host open house events at the observatory during which members gain service credit hours by educating grade school students and the public about the celestial objects and astronomical events. Students that join will have the opportunity to learn how to use the many different types of telescopes housed at the observatory. The club serves as a vehicle in which students can approach astronomy as a hobby or depending on their level of responsibility and commitment to service, learn how to run a working observatory and planetarium. The society is open to any FM high school student that has an interest in astronomy.

AV Club Would you like to be a part of the tech team for the musical or fall play? If so, join the   A-V club where you'll learn all aspects of the auditorium from lighting to sound to backstage. You'll also have the chance to work on school assemblies and concerts. We meet each Tuesday afterschool.

Book Club Like to read? Want to read great books you aren’t required to read for class? Come to Book Club where we read books, talk about books, and enjoy the company of other readers.

Broadcast Journalism This club is open to any student. The club will participate in local film competitions and festivals. Students will help create projects needed around the F-M District. The club will be focused on community service through videography. Meetings are in the Bro-Jo Studio, Room 2103.

Ceramics Club is for students who would like to try sculpting with clay or making pottery on the wheel. The Ceramics club meets bi-weekly in the Ceramics and Sculpture room 1171. 

Chess Club Students who participate in this club will learn and play the game of chess.   

Community Connections Our mission is to foster relations between FM HS and Dr. Weeks, an urban elementary school. Through ongoing projects, such as fundraisers and bi-weekly trips to Dr. Weeks, Community Connections provides students with opportunities to directly interact with city grade school students and become more active in the larger community.

Community Wide Dialogue Community Wide Dialogue is a diversity exchange program. Students who participate in this program spend a day shadowing another student at Nottingham High School, and then act as a host when Nottingham High School students visit F-M. In addition, CWD participants engage in a series of conversations with Nottingham students concerning issues of race and diversity.   Students of all grade levels are invited to apply. Please see Mrs. Hammond in room 1205 or Mr. Dorsey in room 1202, for more information.

Crew  At F-M this is a club sport that is a school activity offered to all high school students, grades 9 through 12. Its schedule, training methods, and operations are run by the program director and coaches, with Regatta support provided by the parents of the athletes. 

Dance Club is a group of high school dancers who have fun putting dance routines together and performing in F-M's Showboat.

Dance Team/Troupe F-M Dance Troupe is a performing group of high school dancers who participate in F-M’s Showboat, football and basketball halftimes and other assemblies throughout the school year. Their goal of this group is to share a love of Dance with the greater community.

Deutschklub German club is open to all students interested in participating in German culture activities. Highlighted is creating the yearly German music Lip Dub. Meetings are monthly during 9th period in room 2213.

Disney Movie Club will meet once a month to watch Disney movies, occasionally play Disney games such as Disney trivial pursuit and Disney Scene-It! Come join the fun!

Dr. Who Club Are you a Whovian? Do you not know what one is and want to find out? If so, grab K-9, step into your TARDIS, and come to Doctor Who Club! Find yourself surrounded by other Whovians, where we can watch and discuss episodes together. Just remember, keep calm and don't blink.

Dungeons and Dragons (DND) The Game is in the Name. We are serious Dungeons and Dragons players but also strive to have a roaring good time going it. DND is the staple tabletop roleplaying game that invites players to craft their own adventure. New members will be introduced to the rule system (DND 4.0), character creation, adventure quests, and a blast of fantasy fun!

ECOS If you care about the quality of the environment this is the club for you. Environmentally Conscious Organized Students is a rapidly growing statewide organization of high school students who are concerned about and willing to work toward:

·            improving environmental quality and;

·            bringing about positive changes in environmental attitudes and practices, throughout the student body and the community.

Our meetings and activities will focus on such concerns as recycling, habitat preservation, and taking an active role in preserving and learning about the environment. We need ideas for fundraisers and ECOS Week, so come bring ideas and help out.

Fair Trade Club We would like to educate kids about fair trade goods and organizations. By introducing these products and showing the values of a fair trade community. We hope to get kids more involved in making choices that better communities around us and overseas. We want to fundraise for different fair trade organizations and give the kids in our group options for which ones they want to support.

Fashion Matters Like to sew or want to learn to sew? Fashion Matters may be the club for you. Come join us Thursday afterschool in the Family and Consumer Science room (FACS Room 1123). All skill and grade levels are welcome! We will be working on individual and community service projects.

FM Art Cards We are turning FM's outstanding artwork into greeting cards! We sell the cards at various local shops and at school events. All proceeds go to Golisano Hospital Pediatric Oncology. We meet on select Fridays in room 1168. We choose the art work, package the cards, and try to make our cards special. Come join and make your own special contribution.

FM Cares FM Cares is an organization that has been developed to foster a sense of community here at FM. At FM, we are proud of the fact that we have students that incorporate the subsequent attributes: Character, Acceptance, Respect, Empowerment, and Student-driven. Activites include "Fall Clean-up", Multi-Cultural Month, school-wide assemblies, coffeehouses, The Giraffe Award, and various student driven ideas. Please consider becoming involved in your community! The student steering committee is located in Mrs. Peter's room 2126.

French Club Your French speaking friends invite you to join our club. Come and participate in a variety of activities that celebrate the French language and Francophone culture. All students are welcome! Meetings are monthly during Period 9 in Room 2235.

French Honor Society (FHS) provideds an opportunity to recognize outstanding scholarship in the study of French through selection for membership. The group will also support a growng presence of French language and culture in the community through a variety of activities. Members need to maintain a 90% average in French classes and an 80% overall.

Friend-to-Friend is a volunteer club that helps to make students with special needs part of the school community. It includes in school and out of school activities. Activities include dances, bowling, sporting events, and many others. The club meets once a month 9th period alternating between on-campus and off campus activities. The purpose of the club is to make all our special needs students part of the school community and build lasting friendships. 

Garden Club will meet on an as needed basis to maintain the garden and develop small gardens around campus. Students need not have knowledge or background in gardening, while experienced gardeners are also welcome. Garden club will occasionally interact with ECOS club on habitat preservation projects. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of gardening, fresh air, and sunshine!

German National Honor Society National German Honor Society is an organization for juniors and seniors in their 4th and 5th year of German. Juniors inducted must take AP German in order to retain their status as members. Students must have an average of 90% in their overall German studies, and fulfill several volunteer requirements each year. There is one induction ceremony each fall.

Helping Hounds Club raises money and awareness for Helping Hounds Dog Rescue and everything they do. Meetings are usually the first Monday or every month. She Mrs. Hefti in room 1101 for more information.

History Day Club Join fellow history students from around CNY & the nation as they explore the National History Day’s theme for 2013-2014: “Rights and Responsibilities”. All students are invited to join the History Day Club to work on your research and projects in preparation for the regional History Day in March, and the NY State Competition in Cooperstown in April 28 2014.

Improv Club Improv club is a group that explores the art form of improvisation. We meet each Friday at 2:15 in room 1142, exploring Improv games, short form and long form improvisation. We produce shows one Friday each month at 7:30 pm. Join us!


Interact Interact is a Rotary sponsored international service club.  This club works towards raising money for global causes and the promotion of international good will.  Areas of fundraising include helping schools in developing nations, providing clean drinking water around the world, and raising money to prevent and treat cancer.  Through these efforts, Interactors develop a network of friendships with local and overseas clubs and learn the importance of developing leadership skills and advancing international understanding and goodwill.  Join Interact to promote INTERnational ACTion.


International Homeroom The International Homeroom is a group of students who are interested in experiencing the cultures of various countries. Come meet foreign students and learn about their cultures and customs. All students interested in foreign languages and cultures are invited to stop by Room 2212 before school. Additional information can be obtained from Mrs. Mitchell. 


Jam Session Club welcomes musicians of all skill levels who just want to play the songs they love! If you are passionate about music and don't mind making some great friends along the way, come join us Thursdays in Room 2151. You won't regret it ...

Junior Classical League Junior Classical League is a club for present/former Latin students. JCL is involved in many cultural activities relating to Greco-Roman life as well as local events. Members of JCL plan and participate in such events as Saturnalia and Latin Awards evening. 

JCL also participates in SU’s Latin Day, taking part in various cultural activities such as Greek Dancing or Certamen. JCL is also a service organization assisting in school events and in the tutoring of students experiencing difficulty in Latin.

Key Club Key Club is a student run, volunteer organization, and is part of Kiwanis International, an adult volunteer organization found in many communities nationwide. The goal of Key Club is to provide students with opportunities for community service, whether it is through supporting existing FM clubs or developing projects of interest to Key Club members. Join fellow FM students as they make a difference in the world.

Masterminds A thrilling and exciting club open to all students who have knowledge about trivia, sports, history, literature and more! This club is a way to make friends and gain more general knowledge. We have several meets throughout the year with different schools around the county and weekly meetings in school. 

Math League Do you think outside the box? Students with an aptitude for math who enjoy puzzling through unusual problems will find Math League both challenging and fun. Students compete in individual, team, and relay events to earn individual and team points. F-M Math League teams compete against other Onondaga County schools five times during the school year. See Mrs. L. Bishop (Room 2111) or Mr. Alvarez (Room 2112) for more information. 

Middle School Tutoring Are you interested in tutoring or mentoring a middle school student? You can really make a difference for a younger person. Tutors will come to Eagle Hill or Wellwood once a week from 2:50 – 3:30 pm to work with 5th through 8th graders. You can tutor the subject you feel most comfortable with. The Eagle Hill and Wellwood counselors will verify your volunteer hours for National Honor Society or Science Honor Society.

Mock Trial Mock Trial involves preparing for the annual statewide competition. In the Fall semester, meetings are weekly or bi-weekly focusing on skills for trial and practicing with each other so when the competition case is released we are ready. The case is released in December and from that point, meetings will be more frequent. There are a limited number of students who can compete from the school, but there is plenty of work needed to prepare, so students without a role in the competition assist the team in getting ready. Eventually the team functions as a law firm. Mock Trial is a combination of logic and reasoning skills with acting and presentation skills. It is a great way to learn to think quickly and be persuasive. All students interested are welcome and certainly those hoping to focus in a law related field will benefit from early exposure to court procedures. 

Model United Nations Model U.N. Club is open to students interested in global affairs, international careers or careers in politics and government. MUN members prepare to participate as delegates of member nations in mock sessions of the United Nations. MUN members discuss and debate a wide array of global issues, from global environment to human rights to nuclear arms. These MUN conferences are held at the local, regional and national level. F-M’s club attends six conferences per year, including conferences at Hamilton College, Brown University, Syracuse University, Georgetown and Cornell. Participation in MUN can be flexible and tailored to fit students’ other commitments.

Musical Theater Annual Musical: The annual production of a stock Broadway musical show is open to all students by audition. Auditions for on-stage acting, singing and dancing are held three months before the performance dates. Backstage and technical crew members are needed. A student Orchestra is also needed with auditions at the same time as acting auditions.

National Honor Society National Honor Society is an organization that honors high school seniors for their scholarly work, leadership, character, and service in the school and local communities. Student membership forms are evaluated by a committee made up of a 5-member faculty council. There is one induction ceremony in the fall for students in their senior year. Check the FM Oak Tree chapter of the NHS webpage at for more information. NHS members donate their services to volunteer projects in both the school and community. In order to remain a member in good standing, students must complete these volunteer projects and continue to uphold the ideals of the National Honor Society.

Patriot Club  The mission of Patriot club is to support active duty servicemen and veterans everywhere and to facilitate and promote patriotism in the community and nation. We support the community by doing short term service projects. If interested see Mrs. Hajduk in room 2114. All are welcome.

Peer Helpers Peer Helpers is open to all students in grades 9 – 12. We meet once a month on Wednesday. Peer Helpers volunteer to tutor in both middle schools, provide tours to new students, and participate in the Fall Clean Up and Spring Clean Up. If you are interested in becoming a Peer Helper, plan on attending a meeting or contact Mrs. Bombard or Mrs. Coughlin in House 1.

Pokémon Club For anyone who likes Pokémon; to be able to hang out and have fun playing Pokémon games, the trading card game and doing all things Pokémon. Trading, Battles, and Tournaments. Meets every other Monday in room 2113.

Robotics Club Share the excitement of robotics with other members of the FM Community. Learn to build and program robots, and compete in robotic challenges.

Science Honor Society (New York State) NYSSHS is a statewide organization whose goals are to promote science education, achievements in the sciences, and the personal characteristics of leadership, scholarship, character, and service. To be considered for membership, students must have completed five semesters of high school level sciences and have a particular average in sciences and overall achievement. Applicants must also exemplify high standards of scholarship, character, and service. Application packages will be available in the spring with all requirements listed. A faculty committee will evaluate all applicants.

Science Olympiad Team Science Olympiad is an exciting and growing national science competition. Thousands of schools in all fifty states, as well as some international schools in Japan and the Philippines, have taken part in the regional, state, and national competitions. Science Olympiad is a yearly commitment starting every September. There may be up to 2 teams: Varsity and Junior Varsity.

The High School Varsity Team consists of students from all grade levels who are chosen based on many factors, including academics, performance at try outs, recommendations from teachers, and extracurricular work. The Junior Varsity Team is made up of 9th and 10th graders who are developing their skills in science and who participate at the Regional level only.

Set Construction Club Club members will get hands-on experience building and striking sets for the three major shows each school year. Work is performed on Saturdays, usually for three to four hours. Contact Mr. Engel in room 1142. 

Showboat Showboat is an annual student variety show that takes place during the spring. Auditions for musical acts, comedy, skits, dance, variety acts, etc. begins in March. We are always looking for new and original talents. 

Ski/Snowboard Club This club will travel to Toggenburg Mountain after school once a week (Wednesdays) for six weeks. All levels of ability are welcome, for grades 9 – 12. An informational meeting will be announced to discuss specific details. Please see Mr. Doug Madden in the Counseling Center, if you are interested in some winter-time fun!

Spanish Club Join us for Spanish foreign films, cultural activities, guest speakers, and Spanish cuisine in Rooms 2214 or 2231! On occasion, we will take part in field trips, cooking, crafts, and other cultural holiday celebrations. Extra help is also available for all who seek it.

Step Team Stepping is a complex performance that melds folk traditions with popular culture. It involves everything from hand movements, leg movements, chanting, and yelling. It developed from African American fraternities and sororities and is now practiced worldwide.

Student Council Student Council represents, reacts, and responds to the student body of Fayetteville-Manlius. Student Council is dedicated to improving the general welfare of the school, its students and the surrounding community. Student Council sponsors a Red Cross Blood Drive, coordinates all homecoming activities, organizes the ABC Dance, and runs Dance Marathon. Pivotal to the success of the organization is the bridge between Student Council and the administration. We seek to maintain a clear line of communication and understanding between both parties. Student Council is constructed of nine elected officers and one student senator from each homeroom.

Student Forum Is there something you want Mr. Kilmer to know? Anything you don’t like or have any questions regarding school rules or policy? Come join Student Forum and attend our meetings! The new representative liaison is the FM HS Administration.

Syracuse Stage Subscribers Group Students interested in going to the theater will have an opportunity to join others in attending five professional plays at Syracuse Stage. Students joining this group must pay for the student subscription and share some of the costs of busing. Buses leave from Wellwood at 7:00 p.m. for a 7:30 performance. On some occasions, actors, authors, or directors provide talkbacks to students attending these plays either at F-M or the Stage. Additional information available in the English Office (Room 1208).

Table Tennis Club Our mission is to foster a love for a great game known as table tennis. All levels of ability are welcome.

The Free Thinkers Club is a club for free thought. The mission of the Free Thinkers club is to promote individualism and to help members make decisions based off of their own moral code rather than guidelines and precedents imposed by an outside figure.

The Outdoor Club This club meets on a weekly basis to discuss and plan outdoor adventures including, but not limited to, mountain biking, hiking, camping, skiing, snowboarding, and fishing.

Thespians Thespian troupe is an honorary organization recognizing contributions to the dramatic arts. To become a member of the Thespian Troupe a student earns points for participation in various theatrical productions. The troupe sponsors several dramatic productions over the course of the school year. Members also get the opportunity to attend theatrical field trips. Fund raising projects vary from year to year to help generate money for various activities. We meet every Thursday at 2:15 in the Black Box, room 1142.

Tolkien Club Tolkien Society will promote literacy through experience of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Middle Earth”. Club members will read the books and discuss themes, watch the movies, and participate in other activities.

TRI-M Music Honor Society This national honor society for student musicians is open to all students, grades 9 – 12. Apprentice applications are accepted in June and September of each year. Apprentice applicants who fulfill the minimum requirements for active membership are inducted in May/June of each school year. Students fulfill the requirements for Active Membership by earning points for various activities throughout the year. Activities include a recital series, performing in the community, fundraising and volunteer opportunities such as WCN’s annual TELAUC and NYSSMA. 

Ukulele Club To promote the love and enjoyment of playing the Ukulele.

Ultimate Frisbee Club Whether you’ve played for years or can’t throw at all, join us after school one day a week to work on your skills with fellow students and friends. Discover or rediscover the joy of this athletic and strategic game and its spirit of sportsmanship. Open to all students. 

Young Conservatives Club Students of all political persuasions are welcomed to attend the Young Conservatives Club! Come and explore what it means to be a conservative, debate current issues, hear compelling guest speakers, and engage in the political process.

Young Liberals Club Young liberals is a club for students interested in current politics and policy that affect our daily lives. Meetings are in room 1206 on Wednesdays, all are welcome!

Youth Group Do you have questions about the Bible? Are you interested in sharing or hearing ideas about faith? Youth group is a place to get involved with a positive community in a safe, relaxed environment to ask questions and share thoughts. It is open to all faiths and beliefs. We meet Wednesdays in room 1101. Share in the conversation!


The Chamber Orchestra Chamber Orchestra offers students an additional orchestra experience, exploring music of various types written for string orchestra. This is the top orchestral performing group at the high school. Auditions for this ensemble occur towards the beginning of each school year. Students must be performing at a minimum of NYSSMA Level 5 to audition. Chamber Orchestra has several performances throughout the year. Students must be a member of Symphony, String or Concert Orchestra to be eligible. Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings from 7 – 9 pm.

Fall Play The fall play happened each October/November, and is put on by the F-M Thespian Troupe. Auditions are usually within the first few days of school, and are open to all students. The goal of each production is to offer as many opportunities to artists and technical crew as possible, while demonstrating for the school and community and amazing power of the dramatic arts. Go to for more information.

Instrumental Jazz The F-M Jazz Program consists of two full big bands: Jazz Band& Jazz Ensemble. All interested wind players will be heard at the beginning of the year by Ms. Bizup and placed in the appropriate ensemble. Rhythm section students (guitar, piano, bass, and percussion) will be placed by auditions held at the same time. Students must belong to one of the school performing ensembles. Possible exceptions may be made in the rhythm section, though preference may be given to current music students.

Each band performs a variety of musical compositions and styles. Emphasis will be placed on creating a “Big Band” feel and sound, while improvisation skills will be developed. Performances will be held throughout the year at the school and in the community. Rehearsal times TBA. Please see Ms. Bizup. 

Swing Sixteen Swing Sixteen is a jazz/vocal group made up of twenty singers plus instrumentalists. They perform not only in school concerts, but outside for various organizations. In addition, Swing Sixteen performs at colleges and high schools in New York State by giving demonstrations/concerts. To become a member of Swing Sixteen, students must be members of the High School Choir and Chorale and audition for the openings that occur each year. Swing rehearses Monday evenings from 6:30-8:30 p.m.


Oakleaves OakLeaves is the FMHS yearbook and is produced by a student staff comprised from all four classes. The yearbook “year” runs approximately from April through March of the following year. Staff applications are solicited in April. Freshman and new students can apply at the fall Activities Fair. Producing the yearbook offers hands-on journalistic experience in reporting, writing, photography, and graphic design while creating a permanent record of the school year.   Editors have a weekly meeting on Monday afternoons and create their own schedule to complete the work to be done, typically after school during 9th period.

The Buzz The Buzz is the newspaper at Fayetteville-Manlius High School. It is written by students, for students, about students. Students who write for their school newspapers are sought after by colleges. The Buzz needs students who are artists, photographers, computer design experts, and writers. Students have the opportunity to express their voices in letters to the editor. Although the editorial staff of The Buzz meets daily, organizational meetings for writers are held on designated days, usually Wednesdays, in Room 1104. All students are welcome at any time. 

Voices Let your voice be heard! Come to Voices, your annual literary magazine, if you are interested in short stories, poetry, and the English language in general. It’s a warm, relaxed environment in which one can peruse copies of poetry over popcorn. Submissions are discussed anonymously, and this year we will be welcoming poetry, short fiction, and original artwork from all members of the student body. Submissions can be made to your English teacher and you don’t need to be in VOICES to submit work. Be a part of this year’s creation; come to Room 1105 on Mondays!


Intramurals Intramurals are offered for boys and girls in grades 9-12. Activities offered are based on students’ interests and include: basketball, volleyball, weight training, European handball, touch football, lacrosse, and ultimate Frisbee.

Weight Lifting This is open to any student showing a definite interest in weight training. Emphasis is placed on structuring programs for those interested in particular development and in continuing previously started programs.

Class Meetings Meetings of the class officers and all interested members of the class are held to discuss class activities, fund raising events and other concerns.

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