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As many of you know, the Career Center has an extensive listing of scholarships that are available to students. These scholarships are posted in a variety of places including the Daily Bulletin, Counseling Center webpage, and on Naviance.

SENIORS:  At Awards Night each year, there are scholarships given by local community groups to seniors.  Some are of considerable monetary value and we encourage you to seriously consider applying.  The applications are available under the Scholarship Information link.  You can also access the applications in Naviance under Scholarships.  Hard copies of the applications are available in the Career Center.  Unless otherwise specified, the deadline for all these scholarship applications is Wednesday, February 24.  The completed forms need to be handed in to Mrs. Foran in the Career Center by the end of the school day on Wednesday, 2/24.  If you have any questions, please talk to your counselor or Mrs. Foran.


Applicants for these scholarships will be required to submit specific paperwork regarding financial aid info, school cost, and family income. Demonstrated financial need will be a deciding factor in the application process.

Walter & Cecile Borchert Scholarships: up to 3 – varies, up to $3,000. Deserving seniors must plan on pursuing undergrad degrees in accredited colleges or universities. Scholarships are based on academic achievement, character, industry, extracurricular involvement, and community service.  Application Link

Dorothy M. Olds Scholarships: 1 or 2 – varies, up to $3,000. Senior must plan on pursuing an undergrad degree in an accredited college or university. Scholarship is based on academic achievement, character, ability, aptitude, and community service. Application Link

Manlius Lions Club: 1 or 2 $500. Deserving seniors must have maintained credible academic standards, and have been involved in extra?curricular activities.  Application Link



Applicants do not have to submit any financial info for these scholarships. 

Jack Ault Memorial Scholarship: 2 - $400.  Deserving seniors must be pursuing a degree in education or a sports?related field, such as physical therapy, sports medicine, etc. One male and one female student will be awarded scholarships at the Athletic Banquet. Deadline is May 1. Application Link

Pamela S. Braund Memorial Award: 1 - $1,000.  Senior must plan on pursuing an undergraduate degree in education. Application Link

Joseph L. Byrne, Jr. Memorial Scholarship: 1- $1,000. Senior must be in good academic standing and plan on pursuing a four?year college degree. The scholarship is based on academics, athletic participation, and citizenship. Application Link

Suzanne Civitello Memorial Scholarship: 1 – approximately $500. Graduating senior must exemplify Suzy’s dedication to community, especially through service to children, the underprivileged or disabled, and demonstrate Suzy’s spirit of compassion, loyalty, and pursuit of academic excellence. Application Link

Fayetteville-Manlius Memorial Scholarship: several - $100-$200. Given in memory of deceased FM students. Students must be accepted at a two? or four?year college or university. Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to scholarship both by attitude toward learning and academic performance. Applicants must be a credit to the FM school community, evidenced by leadership and community service activities. Applicants must demonstrate positive relationships with other students. Application Link

Fayetteville-Manlius Teachers’ Association Memorial Scholarship: 1- $500. Senior must plan on attending a two or four year college. Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to scholarship both by their attitude toward learning and by their academic achievements. Applicants must be a credit to the FM school community, evidenced by leadership and community service activities. Applicants must demonstrate positive relationships with other students. Scholarship is renewable up to 4 years. Application Link

Flavia Giambartolomei Memorial Scholarship: 1 - $1,000. Senior must plan on pursuing an undergrad degree in an accredited college or university. Scholarship is based on strong family values, ability to reach out to others, maturity and honesty, and commitment to academics. Application Link

Carol Hansen and Ethel Bauder Scholarship: 2 – varies, approximately $1,000 for 4 years. Seniors must be members (or have a parent who is a member) of the Fayetteville Volunteer Fire Department. Scholarships are based on the applicants’ academic or vocational achievements. Applicants must be pursuing further educational or vocational training. Application Link

Patricia Infantine Scholarship: 1 - $500. Senior must plan on pursuing a degree in technical school, college, or university. Student must demonstrate commitment to academic success and community service. The applicant must also show an interest in the role and future of public libraries in communities. Special consideration will be given to Manlius Library volunteers and employees. Award is presented at Manlius Library. Application Link

Alexandra Johnson Memorial Scholarship:  1 - TBD  Given to a senior who transcends cliques in the high school and is unafraid to get involved with activities outside of his/her comfort zone.   Application Link

Joseph Edward Kingson and Margaret D. Kingson Scholarship: 1 - $1,500. Senior must plan on pursuing an undergrad degree in an accredited college or university leading to a career in teaching. Scholarship is based on work ethic, character, and service to school community. Application Link

Town of Manlius Police Benevolent Association Scholarship: 1 or 2 - $500. Seniors must plan on pursuing an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice or Police Science at an accredited two or four year college.  Application Link


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