Business Courses


40 Weeks 1 credit Grades 9-12

This course is a foundation for the student considering a business profession. Students will learn the principles of accounting and the entire accounting cycle. They learn to record transactions for businesses using both manual and computer assisted procedures. Topics for study include: double entry accounting, payroll, taxes and banking. Students learn how to maintain financial records for sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations.


40 Weeks 1 credit Grades 9-12

Students with an interest in law and students wishing to gain a deeper understanding of their rights and the legal system should enroll in Business Law. Many interesting and controversial legal issues ranging from affirmative action to unsafe consumer products and fraud will be discussed. Other topics of study will include borrowing money, insurance, property, leases and juvenile law. Students become more knowledgeable citizens and get a head start on their college program in business by completing this course.


40 Weeks 1/2 credit Grades 9-12

Alternate Days


20 Week 1/2 credit Grades 9-12

Students learn to "touch type" and word process using many of the useful features of MS Word. They learn to format a variety of personal and business documents. Upon completion of this class, students are familiar with many word-processing commands including: headers, footnotes, cut/paste, columns, clip art, word art, mail merge and section breaks. Students are able to prepare letters, reports, memos, outlines, and desktop publishing documents.


40 Weeks 1 credit Grades 9-12

Students will be introduced to the basic principles of marketing and work on a variety of projects related to the four elements of the marketing mix: product, price, promotion and distribution. Students have the opportunity to increase their Microsoft Office application skills in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in the development of their projects. (Offered every other year.)


20 Weeks 1/2 credit Grades 10-12

This college level course is designed to give students an overview of the impact of business on society. It is intended to aid the student in obtaining a clear understanding of how contemporary business functions through the interrelationships of management, marketing and finance. Topics to be studied include: entrepreneurship, business ownership, human resource management, labor issues, ethics, stocks, finance, economics and banking. This college level business class follows the same curriculum and requirements as the similar course at Onondaga Community College. For those wishing to earn SUNY credit, a tuition of $135.00 is required.


20 Weeks 1/2 credit Grades 9-12

Students work on a variety of business projects which incorporate business writing, presentations in the workplace, personal effectiveness and employment communication. This course includes extensive use of Microsoft Office 2003 applications such as Word and PowerPoint. Students have the opportunity to write effective business letters, memos, and e-mail as well as to develop and deliver business presentations. Students will also evaluative their personal attributes and see how they are relevant to the job search and interview process. This course uses the online tool Blackboard for delivery and display of information as well as for communication via the discussion board, e-mail, and assignments feature. This tool provides students with experience using online materials that they will need and use in college.


20 Weeks 1/2 credit Grades 9-12

This course gives students the opportunity to gain a working knowledge of some of the most important business computer applications in use today. Students work in the Dell lab and gain extensive experience using Microsoft Office 2003 applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. Practice is provided in using both the Internet to search for information and e-mail to effectively communicate with peers and teachers. Students will also learn how to create digital video movies with Pinnacle Studio.


20 Weeks 1/2 credit Grades 9-12

Prerequisite: Basic Computer Knowledge

This is a unique and challenging course for students who have an interest in furthering their computer skills and getting ready for college and the 21st century. In this course, students learn how to create and publish many different types of web pages using HTML, Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver. This course relies heavily on using online tools such as Blackboard for delivering and displaying course content and communicating with students--a valuable skill students will need and use in college. The use of peripheral tools such as scanners and digital cameras to enhance web pages is strongly encouraged. This course is recommended to all students who are interested in updating their computer skills and getting a jump start on an exciting field like web design.


20 Weeks 1/2 credit Grades 9-12

This course is for all students wishing to acquire knowledge and skills needed for success in today's financial and economic environments. This course focuses on personal financial topics and money management. Units of study include: investments, banking, taxes, estate planning, credit, real estate, risk and insurance and consumer rights and responsibilities. Activities include preparing a 1040 tax form, calculating interest on a loan and figuring returns on investment. Additionally, students learn to interpret contracts (leases, mortgages, credit reports), follow the stock market, reconcile a bank statement and solve many other common business transactions.


20 Weeks 1/2 credit Grades 9-12

This course is designed to give students an edge on life. Skills that help students in the world of employment and in everyday life management are taught. Areas of study in this course include:

• individual personal skills and qualities related to employment
• an individual's role as a customer, employee and employer
• major laws and regulations related to employment
• decision making and goal setting as related to desired lifestyles
• personal budgeting, checking accounts, savings, credit

No matter what the career plans are, this course offers students the skills and knowledge necessary to develop to their fullest potential.

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