Computer Science Courses


20 Weeks 1/2 credit Grades 9-12

This is an introductory course in computer science. It is recommended as the first course in the Computer Science series, as well as for students interested in learning about computer programming. Students are introduced to systematic problem solving principles and techniques, as well as to the components of good programming practices. They learn the syntax and structure of the Visual Basic programming language, and will create projects using Visual Basic.


20 Weeks 1/2 credit Grades 9-12

Prerequisite: Visual Basic or permission of instructor.

This course offers an introduction to Object-Oriented programming, using one of the newest programming languages. Students will learn the syntax and structure of the Java programming language, user interface techniques, and graphics, and will create projects using Java. This course also serves as a prerequisite for the Computer Science AP course.


20 Weeks 1/2 credit Grades 10-12

This course offers an introduction to one of the most popularly used computer languages, C++. Students learn C++ syntax and program construction, and will have the opportunity to use C++ to complete a variety of programming projects using procedural and object-oriented techniques.


40 Weeks 1 credit Grades 11-12

Prerequisites: Computer Science: Java, or permission of instructor.

This course follows the College Board's Advanced Placement for Computer Science A curriculum, and prepares students to take the AP Computer Science A examination. Topics covered include: programming methodology, problem solving, algorithm development, object-oriented programming techniques, searching and sorting methods, and an introduction to data structures, using the Java programming language.

0528 Data Structures

20 Weeks 1/2 credit Grades 11-12

Prerequisites: Successful completion of AP Computer Science: A.

This course covers advanced Computer Science data structures, using the Java Programming language. Topics include: linked lists, trees, sets, and maps, as well as advanced searching and sorting techniques. It is comparable to a second semester college course in Computer Science. This course may be taken after AP Computer Science: A.

0519 Introduction to Computing (C++) Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA)

20 Weeks 1/2 credit Grades 12

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Algebra II with Trigonometry H or Successful completion of Java; Teacher recommendation

This course covers principles of programming, applications of computing concepts, and problem solving in engineering and computer science, using the C++ programming language. Seniors who are planning a college major in engineering, computer science, math or the sciences may be interested in exploring this course. This course is open to seniors who have not taken any other Computer Science course in high school but have met the prerequisites.


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