Graphing Calculators

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Graphing Calculators at the High School

The Fayetteville-Manlius Math Department requires each student to have a TI-Nspire graphing calculator and to bring the calculator to class daily.  The New York State Department of Education requires use of a graphing calculator on all Regents exams and the College Board requires use of a graphing calculator on the AP math exams.


We encourage each student to have his or her own personal calculator for several reasons…. 

  • With a personal calculator, your child will be able to continue exploring concepts after class, at his or her own pace, and do homework the same way it is taught in class.
  • A calculator is a more affordable and convenient form of technology than a personal computer.  A calculator is also portable, so your child can have it available anytime, anywhere he or she needs it.
  • Like a personal computer, TI calculators with Flash technology are upgradeable, providing long-term value and extending your investment over several school courses.
  • Many standardized and college admissions tests approve the use of calculators, including most TI graphing calculators.  In fact, several college placement tests require the use of a graphing calculator.


TI-Nspire calculators are available at Wal-Mart, Staples, Target and Office Max.  They are also available at a wide array of online retail outlets.  Please note that the TI-Nspire CAS model is NOT allowed on Regents exams, so we do not recommend you purchase a CAS model.  Please do NOT throw away the packaging that comes with the calculator.  If you accidentally purchase the wrong calculator, or your calculator is defective, you cannot return it without the packaging.    Once you purchase a graphing calculator, we would be most grateful if your child would bring the UPC (bar code) Proof of Purchase or Points Coupon to his or her math teacher as soon as possible.  These can be used to purchase additional support equipment for the math department. 


Protecting Your Investment


Your graphing calculator is a “hot commodity”, and you need to take steps to keep it safe!


Step 1)    Put your child’s NAME on the body of the calculator!    Putting it on the cover isn’t enough.  It is best to use an engraving tool, or a permanent marker, so the name cannot be removed. 


Step 2)    Warn your child not to leave the calculator unattended in your book bag or backpack.  This is ESPECIALLY true in the cafeteria and gym locker room!   100% of all calculator thefts are the result of unsecured calculators!  Many thefts occur because students do not “spin the dial” on their hallway lockers, or they fail to bring a padlock to physical education class.  Some students leave their graphing calculators unattended “just for a minute” and return to find them missing.  Please encourage your child to take proper precautions and ensure that he/she has a lock for physical education class. 


Step 3)    Register the serial number of your child’s calculator with the math department. That way, if it is ever lost and recovered by the math department, we can return it to its rightful owner.    Each Texas Instruments graphing calculator has an ID number stored in memory that is unique and cannot be changed  (the new TI-Nspire calculator has two ID numbers).  Here is what you need to do: 

·         log on to

·         follow the instructions to complete the requested information click the submit button 

If you have any questions, feel free to call the Math Office at 692-1951. 



Dina Kushnir

Math Department Instructional Specialist


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