• Referral form is completed by referring party – either the parent or school personnel.

  • Schedule Pupil Personnel Services Team meeting to discuss student’s needs and school performance and review any documents submitted by parents.


  • Mail to parents the “Section 504 Consent to Evaluate” form along with a copy of the “Notice of Parent and Student Rights under Section 504” form (504 Due Process Rights).

  • Notify the Assistant Superintendent for Special Services of referral and 504 meeting date.


  • Once consent is received, the building team will conduct a full evaluation.
  • PPS team meets to review evaluation results, including any documentation supplied by the parent(s) and make decision regarding eligibility.

  • Appropriate school personnel will met with parent(s) to review evaluation results and discuss tentative recommendations. Mail to parents “Notice to Parents of Section 504 Evaluation and Committee Meeting” form to schedule the 504 meeting.


  • Mail to parents “Notice to Parents of Section 504 Evaluation and Committee Meeting” form to schedule the 504 meeting.

504 Meeting

  • In addition to the parents, meeting participants to include: building administrator, psychologist(s), regular education teacher, special education teacher, student’s counselor (at the secondary level). Other participants may include: Assistant Superintendent for Special Services, speech therapist, occupational therapist, psychical therapist, nurse. Chairperson will be building administrator, district or school psychologist or the Assistant Superintendent for Special Services.


  • The 504 Accommodation Plan is written if the student is determined to have a physical or mental impairment, which, substantially impacts a major life activity. A draft 504 Accommodation Plan may be written prior to the meeting.

  • Minutes will be taken at the 504 meeting.


  • Once the 504 meeting is concluded, the chairperson will send a copy of the meeting minutes and the student’s 504 Accommodation Plan, if applicable, to the Assistant Superintendent for Special Services.


  • In the case where the student was first referred for a CSE evaluation and was recommended/determined to be ineligible under IDEA but eligible under 504, the 504 meeting will be held in conjunction with the CSE meeting.


  • The building administrator is responsible for the implementation of the 504 Accommodation Plan and will insure that the appropriate staff is given a copy of the Plan.

Periodic Review

  • The 504 Plan will be reviewed annually and prior to any major change in the program.

  • Student progress will be reviewed at a PPS meeting at the end of the first semester.

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