Print To ICC/ WebCRD

 WebCRD has a new look.  The upgrade will allow for a print preview feature, as well as the copying of documents that could not have been printed in the past from this site. On the first screen, the link to the left provides an option for the uploading of multiple documents.

How it Works - WebCRD allows you to upload any format of an electronic document.  A hard copy can be scanned in from a district Xerox machine or converted with the ICC to Print driver installed on Citrix and teacher computers that are evaluating the pilot.

Advantages - Archiving of yearly files, tracking of orders, reduced paper cost.

Hours of Operation: 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Print Order Forms (Menu column to the right on this page):


Printing Staff

Barbara Madden, Machine Operator

Chris Costen, Machine Operator

Mike Sutton, Machine Operator

Janine Galuppo, Machine Operator

Dottie Kinner, Machine Operator, color press

Matt Hoegler, Machine Operator, color press

Ed Loftus, Production Manager: 431-8540

Scott Nickerson, Project Manager for Printing Services: 433-2229

Connie Silvia, Billing Clerk: 431-8550

At School

Select "File" and then "Print."  You will have a choice "PRINT TO ICC." Once you select this, you will be prompted to log in.

Home Use


1) Go to Citrix and select print.  You will choose the Print to ICC printer choice and be prompted to log in and use create a order for you paper size, color and date of printing.


2) Go to the link above and select the first link to the top left called "Sure PDF click here for print driver" (This link should be repaired by the end of September so use Citrix until then).  You will be prompted to run this only once.  After this client is installed, you will only need to open the document and then select the Sure PDF print driver to upload and log into the program.

NOTE: You will need to have Adobe 8.0 or higher in order for this driver to work on your computer.  Mac users have a different driver on that page.

Getting Started

1) Log into WebCRD with your school username and password. The first time you use the program on the computer you are using you will have to select FM Schools.

2) MY PROFILE link at top of screen towards the right. Set up your profile. You are required to fill in the following fields: name, location (school name), and phone number. These are important to the printing staff in the case of questions. If you are at two schools, you will need to create a second account under the ADDRESS link on the top of the screen and then select the "NEW" button.  Contact a computer resource person for help.

3) Browse through the screens.   CLICK LINK

4) Managing and archiving files. When you create an order, select the SAVE button before selecting the PLACE ORDER button to keep this file saved for future printing.  These files will not be deleted unless you choose.  Select the MANAGE link to the upper left when from any screen. Then select default.  All saved items will show. You can rename the default name in addition to creating folders for your archived items.


Scan To Print from Xerox

1. Select All Services on touch pad.

2. Press tab (will say Scan To ICC) that says RSA Scan To Print Center.

3. Press USER

4. Press the box to the right labeled username.

5. Wait for keyboard to appear and type first letter of first name and last name.

6.  Select the other functions as needed.

7.  Press the green print button on the copy machine.

8.  Wait for cover sheet stating ‚ÄúSCAN CONFIRMATION."


Trouble Shooting

If you receive an error message in the Order History screen, you have not filled out an important option. Read over all functions again. Call the helpdesk at 692-1111 if you continue to have problems.


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