Stage One
Teacher has concerns regarding a student’s academic, social, emotional or behavioral performance and discusses concerns with the parents.

Stage Two
Teacher/Counselor/Team completes the PPS referral form and meeting is scheduled. If applicable, the student is observed by a member of the PPS team.

Stage Three
At initial PPS meeting, the teacher discusses the student concerns, brings student work to support concerns and clarifies the problem. The team reviews pertinent student data and discusses possible strategies to employ.

Team to determine if a written intervention plan is needed. If an intervention plan is needed, it will be developed with specific strategies, accommodations or modifications along with a timeline for progress review. If a written intervention plan is not needed, responsibilities of the PPS Team members will be outlined on the PPS minutes.

Either the intervention plan and/or PPS minutes will be distributed to all appropriate staff members.

If applicable, a case manager is assigned to assist the classroom teacher with the application of strategies and the role of the case manager will be clearly defined.

Stage Four
Intervention plan is monitored by the PPS team. The team meets aagin to evaluate effectiveness of intervention plan. Results will be shared with appropriate staff members.

  • Improvement Noted – Continue interventions and monitoring
  • No Improvement – Modify/change intervention plan and monitor progress
  • No Improvement - PPS team decision to either change intervention plan and monitor or directly refer to CSE

Stage Five
Referral to Committee on Special Education (CSE): One week proper to the CSE meeting, PPS team to review evaluation results with teacher/counselor. PPS formulates a recommendation to the CSE for consideration. Appropriate members of the PPS team will discuss evaluation results with parents prior to CSE meeting.

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