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Color Coding

Color Coding
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Now that you have pages and pages of notes from at least five different sources, you will reorganize your bits of information from these sources and then rearrange them into a research paper which answers your four research questions. This may seem like a HUGE task, but it will actually be quite easy if you use the following method which I call the COLOR code method: 

• Go back and review your four research questions, and assign a different color to each question:

1. What is some basic biographical information  which shows he/she is a humanitarian?

2. What are some examples of life's work or activities this person has done to better humanity?

3. What would a symbolic public memorial to your person(s)/ event look like?

4. Why (for what reasons) is your humanitarian worthy of a public memorial?


 Now go back through all your notes from your different sources. Any information that answers research question one should be color coded red; any information that answers question two should be color coded yellow, etc.

• When you are through color coding all your notes by the research questions they answer, you are ready to rearrange the notes by color. For example, all the notes you color coded red, must be reorganized together; all the notes you color coded green, must be reorganized together.


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Like putting together a puzzle, you have now reorganized all your notes by research question and are ready to write an outline of your research paper. Your outline should look something like this:


A. Topic sentence.

B. Personal answer.

I.Biographical information general statement:

A-Z. Red notes on biography from all your sources.

II. Humanitarian examples/evidence:

A-Z. Yellow notes on history from all your sources.

 III. Symbolic Memorial details:

A-Z. Blue notes on symbolism from all your sources.

IV.Reasons for this memorial general statement:

A-Z. Yellow notes on worthiness of your person(s)/event.


A. Restate topic.

B. Last, best thought on topic.

source: flickr.com

Once your outline has been reviewed and returned to you, you must rewrite it in paragraphs as a paper. Remember that your final draft must be at least 3-5 pages in which you answer the four research questions. In addition, you must have a cover page and Works Cited page.

The first page of your paper should be a cover page with a title, your name and a picture or graphic; the last page of your paper will be your Works Cited page.

Your actual 3-5 page research paper should begin with an introduction paragraph, contain several paragraphs answering each of the four research questions, and end with a conclusion paragraph. Please double space and use size 12 font, Times New Roman.

The final draft of your memorial research paper will look something like this:

Title Page
Introduction paragraph
Biographical Info
Humanitarian Evidence
Memorial Description
Reason(s) for deserving memorial 
Conclusion paragraph
Works Cited Page

Don't forget to proofread your final draft for grammar, punctuation and spelling!

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