Concept Review/Practice

Concept Review/Practice

      Here you will find some other sites or sources that will help you with different topic/concept review and some of the sites will even allow you to practice some of your skills regarding those topics or concepts. 

 Mr. Ertl's Earth Science Quia Site - Go here to take practice quizzes or assigned quizzes that test your knowledge of particular concepts that are currently being covered in class. Games are also available for practice purposes here.


Density - here you can take a look at the property of density and the density of various gases,liquids, and solids.

Isostasy - play with the volume and mass of an object in a liquid and see how its effects the density of the object.  You can also change the density of the liquid.

Percent Deviation

Percent Deviation Practice - courtesy of Charles Burrows

Cyclic Change

Practice Excel - courtesy of Charles Burrows @ Spring Valley High School.

Sunspot Data - go here to get sunspot data from 1940 to present for the sunspot lab.

Latitude and Longitude

Latitude and Altitude of Polaris - this site provides an animation that shows the relationship between an observer's latitude in the Northern Hemisphere and the altitude of Polaris above the horizon.

Extra Info on Timekeeping - Here is a site that will give more information on GMT or ZULU time, why it is used, and how it began.  Courtesy of DataStreme Atmosphere and Steve Kluge.


Earth-Sun Relations- animation on the relationship between the Earth and the Sun specifying the equinoxes and solstices, courtesy of Prentice Hall.

Astronomy Tutorials - great site providing nice animated tutorials for most topics in astronomy

Geocentric vs. Heliocentric - Models of the Solar System

Star Trails - Image 1

                 Image 2

                 Image 3

Lunar Phase Flash - this flash animation will help you understand and master the phases of the moon and when they occur in relation to the position of the Earth, Moon, and Sun.

Topographic Maps

Drawing Profiles - go here to practice drawing profiles of topographic features.  If you still need more help drawing profiles go *here*.

Weather Topics

Station Models


Isotherm Practice

Draw Isotherms connecting areas of equal surface dewpoint temperatures - courtesy of the University of Wisconsin-Madison/SSEC.

Cloud Types Review - This site from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) provides actual photos of the various types of clouds.

More Clouds

Planetary Wind and Pressure Belts Activity

Meteorology: Understanding the Atmosphere - here you can find various topics which are described and explained using computer animations. Great site for weather review.

Weather Review Sheet Download - Courtesy of Ken Gould, Earth Science Teacher in the Locust Valley School District.

Weather and Atmospheric Variables Review - Ken Gould

Online Practice Weather Test

Station Model Practice - Courtesy of Steve Ackerman and Tom Whittaker from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Orographic Effect - site that goes along with worksheet handed out in class, courtesy of

Coriolis Effect - this sites very specifically describes the process known as the Coriolis Effect

You Be The Meteorologist - weather forecasting project developed by Mr. Ertl

Climate Topics

El Nino Web Quest - courtesy of Prentice Hall - Earth Science

Climate Controls - this site allows you to interpret how various factors such as latitude, ocean currents, mountains, and bodies of water effect climate.  Also provides climographs for various locations throughout the world. 

Inuit Observations on Climate Change - Article about how Inuit hunters and trappers Vhave noticed changes in the arctic climate over time. 

Groundwater Topics

Groundwater Review -  Courtesy of Ken Gould

Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition Topics

Review - This link will take you to a weathering, erosion, and deposition review sheet that is provided by Ken Gould of Locust Valley High School on Long Island.

Weathering and Erosion Notes - courtesy of

Erosion and Deposition Animations - if you are having trouble visualizing any erosion or deposition concepts take a look at these animations and maybe they will help.

Landscape Development

Virtual River - Learn about river processes in these two activities: River Discharge and River Flooding


Glacier Webquest - Here you will find a webquest that will get you acquainted will glaciers and some of the erosion/depositional features that are left behind by glaciers.


Virtual Earthquake - become a certified virtual seismologist

Recent Seismographs - seismographs from recent earthquakes proved by Michigan Tech University 

Earthquake Notes - these notes correspond to Earth Science by Spaulding and Namowitz

Locating Epicenter Powerpoint - use this powerpoint game to help test you knowledge on what is needed to locate an epicenter.

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program - Learn all about the various aspects of earthquakes and seismology through the United States Geological Survey

Where Was That Earthquake? - Determine where an earthquake occurred using this earthquake triangulation program.

Rocks and Minerals

Virtual Mineral Identification - go here to practice your mineral identification skills

Rocks and Minerals Powerpoint - this powerpoint is a nice, indepth tutorial on rocks and minerals

Rock Doctor - this is a great site that can be used to review rocks and minerals.  It goes through all the properties of minerals and the three types of rocks and provides excellent examples.

Rock Cycle Concept Map - nice site with a quality graphic organizer of the rock cycle, also includes links to other potential activities.

Minerals - great site provided by California State University - Pomona, reviews the identification of minerals as well as various rock types. 

Mineral ID Flowchart - check out this flowchart for minerals, could come in handy

Rocks and Mineral Word Search - interactive word search of rocks and mineral names

Rocks and Minerals Review Sheet  - Courtesy of Ken Gould, Locust Valley High School

Rock Identification Exercise - Use this website to help sharpen your rock identification skills.

Earth History

Understanding Geologic Time - Great tutorial to help aid in the understanding of geologic time, courtesy of the University of California Museum of Paleontology

Exploring Time and Space - Here you can take a look at the geology and paleontology of the United States and specify each states geology and paleontology as well.

Virtual Dating Lab - Learn how geologists and archeologists determine the ages of rocks and ancient artifacts in these two activities: Isochron Dating and Radiocarbon Dating.

Earth History Review Games - play these fun and exciting review games to help prepare for your Earth History test or Regents Exam.  Courtesy of Chris Sheehan.

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