memorial examples

2015 Memorials
Milton Hershey Memorial Playground
Malala Park
Walt Disney Memorial Playground
 Mother Teresa Memorial
Walt Disney Park
Lou Gehrig Field 
Milton Hershey Complex
Nelson Mandela Park
2014 Memorials

Talia's (Castellano) Playland
Memorial to Victims of Breast Cancer
Memorial to Victims of Boston Marathon
Nelson Mandela Memorial Monument
Talia Castellano Boutique
  Steve Irwin Memorial Garden

Frank Lloyd Wright Memorial




 Jackie Robinson Memorial Field



Dr. Seuss Village




Shirley Temple Black Memorial




Nelson Mandela Memorial Park



Lou Gehrig Memorial Field






 2013 Memorials
Walt Disney Memorial Playland

Helen Keller Memorial

Jane Goodall Memorial

War Dogs Monument

A.A. Milne Memorial Library

Tribute to 911 Firefighters


Bruce Lee Dojo


Anna Pavlova Dance Studio

Milton Hershey Park

Henri Nestle Memorial

Audrey Hepburn Memorial

Victoria Soto Memorial

Steve Irwin Park

 2012 Memorials

Dr. Seuss Memorial
Judy Garland Memorial Park
Confucius Memorial
Dr. Doolittle Memorial Zoo
Walt Disney Memorial
Steve Jobs Memorial
Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter Memorial
Coco Chanel House of Fashion
Whitney Houston Performance Center
Chris Farley Diner
The Titanic Memorial
Steve Jobs Memorial #2
2011 Memorials
Michael Jackson Performing Arts Center
 2 DaVinci Museums
Eunice Kennedy Shriver Stadium
Helen Keller Park
War Dogs Memorial
Coco Chanel Boutique
Baby Briana Playground
Dian Fossey Memorial Park
Jacques Cousteau Calypso Park
2010 Memorials
Jim Henson Memorial Park

Dr. Seuss Library 


Benny Goodman Jazz Club


Michael Jackson Stage

Princess Diana Park

Steve Irwin Memorial Park\


DaVinci Hall of Discovery


Joe Barbera Memorial

2009 Memorials
Peter Benchly Park
Coco Chanel Memorial Boutique
Edgar Allan Poe Museum
Dr. Suess Memorial
Leroi Moore Memorial Park
Columbine Memorial
Red Baron Memorial
 Mel Blanc Memorial
Stever Irwin "Cricky" Museum
Walt Disney Park
Nirvana Memorial
Marilyn Monroe Memorial
Edgar Allan Poe Museum
 Charles Schulz Memorial
2008 Memorials

Heath Ledger Memorial

Sherry Lewis Lambchop Playschool



Two Johnny Cash Memorials


Walt Disney Memorial Park


Bob Marley Memorial Theatre




Jimi Hendrix Memorial



Virginia Tec Memorial Park



Judy Garland Museum


Dr. Seuss Fun Park



Mother Theresa Memorial Hospital



Steve Irwin Memorial Park



Enzo Ferrari Memorial



John F. Kennedy Field



Coco Chanel Boutique




Adam Graves Memorial Park



 Two Audrey Hepburn Memorials




  2007 Memorials

Mohondas Gandhi Memorial
John Lennon Memorial Park
Pat Tilman Stadium
Georgia O'Keefe Memorial
Shirley Temple Black Memorial
Marilyn Monroe Acting Studio
Oskar Schindler Monument to Resistance
Amelia Earhart Airport
Virginia Tech Memorial
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Performing Arts Center
Jesse Owens Athletic Field
Two Dr. Seuss Memorials
Flight 93 (9/11) Memorial
Audrey Hepburn Memorial
Steve Prefontaine Memorial Track
Earlier Memorials

   Two 9/11 Memorials: WTC and Flight 93
Memorial Field in honor of the Bloomer Girls
Earl Covey Memorial (Adirondack architect)
Holocaust Victims Memorial
Fred Rogers Soundstage
The Concord Memorial
Christian Dior Memorial
Jim Henson Memorial
Rachel Carson Memorial Park
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassisi Boutique
(end of) Disco Memorial
Two Memorials to John Ritter: Park and Comedy Club
Martha Graham Memorial Dance Studio
Buddy Holly Memorial Park
Elvis Presley Memorial
Israeli Tragedy at the Munich Olympics
Dr. Seuss Memorial Zoo
Elvis Presley Memorial
Chris Farley Comedy Club
Bob Marley Jogging Track 
Two Columbine Memorials

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassiss Playground

John Denver Park

Jim Henson Memorial Playland

Martin Luther King, Jr. Chapel


Jimmy Valvano Memorial Stadium

Jerry Garcia Moving Memorial
"The Jerry Bus"

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