Ms. Capponi's Guidelines





for a tail wagging year



Here are some expectations, standards and tips for success in English class:







  How to: WAG
Work ethic     



-Do your best work in and out of class.

-Bring all supplies to class that you'll need to do your work, including homework.

-Come in for extra help if you need it. 

-An organized notebook helps you complete and locate your work.)

-Observe work deadlines.

-Don’t fall behind on work when you’ve been absent.




-Come in with a positive attitude. 
-respect your classmates’ right to learn and my right to teach.
-Consider that if you have not had a great experience in English before, it doesn’t mean things can’t change for the better.
-Realize that I am here to help you succeed and feel good about yourself…with your help!





-come to class without writing tools or paper;

-constantly leave behind handouts and ask for seconds;

-ignore the WAG page, then say you didn’t know about the homework;

-use dishonesty to avoid your responsibilities as a student;

-try to discuss my discipline/grading of you in front of the class

Grading Policy:
One fourth= homework and class work
One half= essays and projects
One fourth= tests and quizzes
Homework Policy:
All daily homework is due in class. Late work is counted as half credit and is accepted for up to 24 hours after I collect it.  Essays and projects are due at 3:30 pm.
Extra Credit:
You may do one extra credit project per marking period; extra credit raises your average up to three points. Extra credit choices are posted on the W.A.G.

Behavior Policy: 3 strikes and you're out.
Strike one= verbal warning
Strike two= my lunch detention (up to3X).
Strike three= removal and/or referral plus a call home.

Cell Phone Policy:
FM's BYOD rule states that students my use their cell phones for classwork at the discretion of the teacher.
*When I want you to use your cell phone, I will let you know.
*At all other times, your phone must be turned off and placed in the black cell phone tray at the front of the room.

*If you are using your phone without permission, I will take it from you.
*You will be able to retrieve your phone at the end of the day from Mr. Smith (vice principal).

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