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March 27-31


WWI Poetry


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Your state test is this week, Tues, Wed, Thurs


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Next Book Talk Folder due: Friday, April 7th



After School:  Monday and Thursday  



See WWI packet for poetry terms

Artillery: (n) The big guns behind the trenches such as tanks and cannons, used to shell the enemy.

Belligerence: (n). Great anger, comes from Latin bellum, meaning war.

Chlorine and Mustard gas (n). Chemical weapons used in WWI. The first was green and smelly; the other, colorless, odorless and 35 times as powerful.

Front: (n) lines of trenches where enemies came together in battle.

Mauser (n). Rifle used by foot soldiers.

No Man's Land: (n) battlefield of land mines, gas, dead bodies, etc fought over by the troops.

"Over the Top": (n) Order to emerge from your trench and cross No Man's Land to take the enemy's trench.

Parapet: (n) Row of sandbags in front of trenches.

Stalemate: (n) Neither side gets any ground.

Stormtroopers; (n) Special units who patrolled No Man's Land on special missions.

Trenches (n): 7 foot deep rows of open tunnels, spreading from Belgium to the Swiss Alps on the Western Front.




Friday,         March 24th

Letters from the trenches

Homework: Due 3/27. Use UnRAVEL to answer the 5 MC questions about the Spanish Flu in the last four pages of your WWI packet.

Monday, March 27th 

How can you do your best on the ELA test.

WWI Poetry assignment

Homework: Due 3/28. Start writing your WWI poem. 

Tuesday,     March 28th

ELA state test day one. Reading comp.

We will be on a 2-hour delay schedule.


Homework: 3/29. Continue writing your WWI poem.

Wednesday, March 22nd

ELA state test day two. Reading and writing.

We will be on a 2-hour delay schedule.

Homework: 3/29. Continue writing your WWI poem. Draft readings will be tomorrow.


March 31st. 

ELA state test day three. Reading and writing.

We will be on a 2-hour delay schedule.

Homework: Due 3/30. A draft of your poem needs to be completed and printed out for tomorrow's class.

Friday, March 24th

We will do draft readings of our WWI poems today. 

WWI Letters Paddy McGlynn #1-10.



Homework: Due 4/3. Using feedback from today's class, revise your WWI poem. Highlight in yellow anything you added or changed. Use the space on the back of the poem to describe anything that cannot be shown by highlighting. 


(One per marking       period)

1. Extra book talk folder.


2. Pick a topic of your choice about WWI and do a little research. Write a 200 word paper about it. Cite two sources that you used. 

3. Pick one of these WWI games to play and write a 200-word video game review. Comment on the ease of playing, entertainment value and educational value of the game. You can also find your own game to review, but it must be FREE.

1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/worldwarone/hq/trenchwarfare.shtml

2. http://www.miniclip.com/games/western-front-1914/en/

3. http://www.warmuseum.ca/overthetop/game/

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